Bio of Stephanie Petri, painting artist from Val d'Isere, Savoie : acrylic paint and digigraphy prints of mountain, snow, off piste ski and horsesStéphanie Pétri is a painter passionate about mountains, ski and horses

Initiated to art by her aunt (who graduated fine arts in Strasbourg) she learned very young to express herself freely and to stir up her creativity
Her father, passionate about mountains, set up in Val d’Isère in 1937. He transmitted her the love for summits and ski

Self taught painter, and ski passionate, she gets inspiration into the traces in the powder like calligraphies on the snow
Stéphanie is hunting beautiful traces, sometimes they are hers

During winter snow softens outlines and intensifies contrasts. This light and shadow dance appears in every of her paintings

Indigo blue is also present in mostly all her working
Blue for serenity, strong shadows on the snow, lavenders from Drôme, Touaregs in the desert, a trip in Himalya…

Horses are also an important inspiration providers. Their beauty is also from curves and graceful lines. They are compounded with strength and feminity, softness and power. And once again contrasts dynamism

Stéphanie Pétri is painting with acrylic. The result is smooth and soft, like snow
She chooses a very smooth canvas because she likes when the paintbrush slides (like skis) with unctuousity, without roughness. This is essential for curves

Her artist’s work is now widely spread thanks to Digigraphy®, which allows a really similar give back of her art work (visit Stephanie’s online store)